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By Industrian Staff // August 11, 2019


Learn about the difficulty settings in Altorius.

Journey Mode

There are three difficulty modes in the Journey Mode of Altorius.


Normal difficulty is the baseline challenge for Altorius and is suitable for casual players and those unfamiliar with twin-stick shooting games.


Hard difficulty features harder enemies than Normal difficulty. It is recommended for those wanting a hard-but-fair challenge.


Ultra difficulty will test both your sanity and the build quality of your controller/keyboard/mouse. It is a punishing difficulty mode where every enemy has been supercharged with extra powers, and where making one mistake will seal your doom.

Ultra difficulty also includes additional gameplay changes, including:

There are no checkpoints in Ultra difficulty. If you die, you restart the level. There are no enemy health bars in Ultra difficulty. Landmines have a larger blast radius and shorter countdown. Please note that Ultra difficulty is only available once you have completed Journey Mode on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Arcade Mode

There are no difficulty settings in Arcade Mode. You will fight against Normal, Hard, and Ultra enemies in Arcade mode depending on how far you progress.

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