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By Industrian Staff // August 11, 2019

View the default controls for Altorius.

The following are the standard controls for keyboard, mouse, and controller.

These controls can be viewed and modified in the Settings page.

In Menus

Move cursor upUp arrowMove the mouse
Move cursor downDown arrow
Move cursor leftLeft arrow
Move cursor rightRight arrow
Confirm selectionEnterLeft click
Cancel/Go BackEscapeRight click
Scroll upPage UpWheel up
Scroll downPage DownWheel down

In Game

Move upW
Move downS
Move leftA
Move rightD
Aim upUp arrowMove the mouse
Aim downDown arrow
Aim leftLeft arrow
Aim rightRight arrow
ShootLeft CtrlLeft click
Pause gameEscape
Equip Cannon1
Equip Laser2
Equip Bounce3
Equip Rocket4
Use ShieldQ
Use BombE
Use BoostR
Use PhaseF

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